Health and wellbeing are critical issues for everyone in Scotland that we wish to explore as part of Our Future Scotland. How can we reduce obesity in Scotland by 2030? What will ageing populations change the health and wellbeing of older adults and younger generations in the coming years? How could technology or other innovations be used to support health and wellbeing and make a difference to people’s lives?

Videos of well-known Scottish and international people, such as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Professor Lis Neubeck and Chris van der Kuyl discussing these issues are available below. Your opinions and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland by 2030 and beyond are also important. Join the conversation! Share your views via any of our social media channels on TwitterFacebook or YouTube using the hashtag #ourfuturescotland

Our Future Scotland is jointly funded by Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland’s Futures Forum and the RSE Young Academy of Scotland with support from Glasgow School of Art.

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