Iain Banks, the great Scottish author, once said, “Technology determines the possibilities of society.” This has been true since humans developed basic tools, and it remains the case today, although those possibilities and the rate that they change are far removed even from what we imagined even just 10 years ago. Our Future Scotland is uncovering what technological developments can we expect by 2030. How will Scotland change and how can we make that change positive for our society?

Videos of well-known Scottish and international people, such as writer and artist David Baillie, Richard Leonard MSP Scottish Labour and author Chris Brookmyre, discussing these issues are available below. Your opinions and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland by 2030 and beyond are also important. Join the conversation! Share your views via any of our social media channels on TwitterFacebook or YouTube using the hashtag #ourfuturescotland

Our Future Scotland is jointly funded by Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland’s Futures Forum and the RSE Young Academy of Scotland with support from Glasgow School of Art.

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