A major initiative underway at Scottish Parliament is the Scotland 2030 Programme. This is exploring Scotland’s culture and society and the aspirations of people everywhere about what Scotland could be like by 2030 and beyond. It is taking a number of different perspectives and considering the societal and cultural impact of existing and predicted trends across key areas such as education and learning, health and wellbeing, the environment, technology and the economy. The programme is designed to simulate debate about the long-term challenges and opportunities Scotland faces.

The Our Future Scotland project is one element of the overall Scotland 2030 Programme. It is about engaging the public and encouraging national discussion and debate on four key societal themes: 1) Education, 2) Wellbeing, 3) Environment, and 4) Technology. Videos with well-known Scottish and international people from these sectors, where they discuss their aspirations for the future of Scottish society, were recorded and are available to view. Their biographies can be viewed or downloaded in the Our Future Scotland – Biography Brochure

Your opinions and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland by 2030 and beyond are also important. Join the conversation! Share your views via any of our social media channels on TwitterFacebook or YouTube using the hashtag #ourfuturescotland or attend any of the free events organised by the Scotland 2030 Programme.

This national initiative is jointly funded by Edinburgh Napier University, the RSE Young Academy of Scotland and Scotland’s Futures Forum. It is led by James Blake and Siobhán O’Connor from Edinburgh Napier University and the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, with support from Fiona MacLellan at Glasgow School of Art.

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